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Privacy Policy

Website Use

When you access our website your browser will remember you have visited our site and may store images and files in relation to our site, to help your browser load the website faster, upon future visits to our website. These files do no harm to your computer and have been selected and stored by the browser themselves, and we have no control of them. Any information collected in relation to your internet use (IP Address) is simply stored in our CPANEL for access to determine city of origin, time of visit and other statistical information, so we may further enhance our knowledge of our clientele. It is never passed on, or sold to third parties.

Contact Form

If you are interested in a quote for your bus service then please feel free to use our contact form located on the contact us page. We do not place the contact form there as a general way for business to business services to contact us. Also, we do not appreciate or accept spam emails. Nor are we happy to receive any virtual mail in relation to services you feel we may be interested in that are not from the city of Perth, and that do not directly relate to improving the service we provide to our clients. The information you submit to our website contact form is solely and only intended for in house office duties, in relation to initial and future contact from our side. We will not use, sell or pass on your information to any third party without your express permission, and we don’t plan on doing it, ever.

Website Terms of Use

Please know our hosting services track IP address usage and if you intend to cause harm we will be able check our logs and identify which IP address has caused the hack/alterations and we intend to pursue legal action with this information where possible.

Prohibited Conduct

When you agree to hire our bus services you, the registered contact, are directly responsible for the behaviour and attitude of your guests whilst in our care. Possible legal action may be taken (where relevant) if any of the following situations occurs on our buses; sexist, racist or physical behaviour, verbal violence, damage to property. You agree as the registered contact, to take responsibility for the welfare of your guests and are to ensure they abide by all of the terms presented here. There is no alcohol allowed on the bus under any circumstance. When property is damaged, you as the registered contact will be liable for damages and an invoice will be sent to settle the matter out of court. Should you not pay within 7 days the matter will be presented to the small claims tribunal who will be provided with photographic evidence and a testimonial of antisocial behaviour leading to the damage caused.

Payment Information

Cash on arrival is an acceptable form of payment, or direct deposit in to bank account prior to hire service being provided.

Emails from Balcatta Bus

As per need, especially in the initial days of your quote you may receive emails from Balcatta Bus in relation to your booking, [email protected] Please feel free to respond this is email address as this our dedicated email address to deal with any issues or concerns you may have.

Issues, Concerns or Feedback

If you have any issues, concerns or feedback for our website, business services or your booking we would be happy to receive an email at [email protected] and see if we can help improve our service or resolve the issue at hand. Please be aware we will not tolerate any abuse no matter what the circumstance and if you show disrespect your email will simply be deleted.